5 Way of Home Decoration idea with Wall Frames

by Ting Yi Wong on March 01, 2020

Turning your home or Airbnb into an inspiring space doesn’t have to be a costly exercise and doesn’t have to require an interior designer. Depending on the size of your accommodation – it might only require buying a few feature items, or putting a fresh coat of paint on a couple of walls. If you have a small area to decorate, consider purchasing a couple of striking pieces of art – something by a local painter or some photos of street scenes from your city that have been beautifully framed.

Frames are incredibly versatile. You can hang them or prop them up on a stand, repaint them in any color to suit your decor, and choose from so many designs and finishes. Some frames are so intricately designed, that they become art themselves. Here are some ways you can use frames to bring instant glam to your home!


#1 Different Type of Frames 

Have several standard-size frames? Instead of a predictable gallery wall, try combining them into a single display piece like below.


#2 Think out of the Box

Instead of boring old borders, place a different kind of shape frame and use it as the centerpiece of wherever you choose to place it, the kitchen, living room or entryway. Just by switching out the usual rectangular frame for a prettier frame, they become wall art to dress up your walls.


#3 Complementary Color Scheme Frames

Color can make or break a space. Choosing appropriate colors for a facility’s spaces is an important aspect of interior design. Color has a profound influence on a space and the people in it. Use it to your advantage to create an inviting, productive space.


#4 Use Clock With Frames

While you can also frame your clocks in exquisite frames, try creating a wall clock feature with a collection of photo frames. It doesn’t matter if they’re different-sized. In fact, you can even experiment with quirky arrangements that may end up looking wonderful on your wall.

#5 3D Wall Art

Any art installation with a 3D effect instantly pops out and adds a distinct charm to your interior.