8 Ways to Improve your Home Decoration with Wall Clocks

by Ting Yi Wong on March 01, 2020
Looking for wall decor ideas to refresh your space? Learn more about decorating essentials for Your Airbnb Rental? Those empty walls are filled with possibilities and a few additions can make a house feel like a home.

Clocks are an inexpensive way to fill a wall and great way to add style to almost any space. Think of them as home decor and not just a way to see the time!

Usually, the wall clocks are the least priority for home interiors, but if it is selected with care and in harmony with space, they can add more meaning and character to your home interiors!

Clocks looks great when displayed on empty walls and there are a lot of designs that are awesome at making rooms look complete. Some modern clocks have flexible design which let you choose how you want them to be. Over sized clocks are also an interesting option and can really make a statement in a minimalist room.

A well-placed oversized wall clock is the best way to add that one item in a room that pops! It is a staple decor item, yet its style may be unexpected. Use a wall clock to add a punch of color or bring a bit of whimsy to a room!

Today’s over-sized wall clocks come in so many colors, styles and shapes there is one just right for a room in your home!


#1 Illustration of the World Map on Clock

#2 Unique Shaped Wall Clocks

Earlier the classic round, square or rectangular clock were very commonly used shapes. But now you can get a clock that fit into every room of your house to match the varying home decors, that you can’t ever imagine! Unlike regular common patterns now they are available in several unusual and different shapes like – ring with diamond shapes, cat-shapes, polygon-shaped and many more…!


#3 Color Splash

Clocks were often treated like an old fashioned or boring object, but if you choose a right colour, it can be quite contrary. Especially if you have neutral colour rooms, using the bright colour wall clocks can set the theme of your room and also add accents of colour to your themes!

#4 Minimal Wall Clock

If the theme of your room is modern, then a designer clock can turn it into abstract! Modern wall clocks are but are still creative and unique! Most of them use black & white shades, but there are still others that come in different colours while maintaining the modern look. Therefore always consider the particular type of wall clock for areas of the home depending on the feel, appearance, and theme of the room!

#5 Kids Room

Kids or children room, obviously the room would be full of colour. The colourful wall clocks with cartoon characters will always be amusing and shall be loved!

#6 3D Wall Clocks

#7 Photo Frame Clock

The customized clocks, which combined with photo frames, the photographs of beautiful picture are inserted around are also very popular these days.

#8 Linked to Your Loved Ones or Home

Some unique modern wall clocks can also be personalized. The addition of the family name or the name of your house can make your clock a truly unique addition to your home decor!